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Residential and commercial cleaning services is our specialty, catered to getting you the most out of the cleaning process as possible. We classify our cleaning into two groups residential or commercial.  Residential cleaning is focused on your living spaces like your house, apartment, or rental units like Air BnB. Commercial cleaning is focused on offices, gyms, restaurants, and retail spaces. Knowledge of how your space has been used, and how much traffic it receives on a daily basis gives our team an idea of how much work needs to be done. It also clarifies how many cleaners we will need, and the amount and type of supplies that will be necessary to get the job done.   

 First time giving us a call, or you haven’t gotten a cleaning in a while? We recommend that you get a deep cleaning as your initial service with us. A deep cleaning provides our team with the peace of mind that every inch of your space has been sanitized, disinfected, and dusted leaving nothing but a sparkling new space.

Deep Clean Service

Initial deep cleaning and maintenance cleaning are similar yet different for many reasons. Although both are considered cleaning a deep cleaning is a more in-depth process of eliminating any, dirt, dust, grime, bacteria, and germs that may be lingering in your space. Deep cleaning ensures that we tackle each room from top to bottom. Getting to the rarely cleaned areas of your space. Wiping down your ceiling fans, dusting and wiping down window ledges, and getting the dirt from corners, crevices, and furniture. 

Maintenance Cleaning

Maintenance cleaning is just as it sounds. This process is when we come in after an initial cleaning no longer than a 2-week gap between the two services to keep your space from accumulating any new major messes or build-up of dust or dirt. Our team will come in and make sure all areas are clean but this process is not as intense as the first because the mess would have been slim to none after the deep cleaning. We recommend that you try our bi-weekly cleaning schedule to keep your space clean and prevent a huge build-up of the mess that could cause you to have to invest in another deep cleaning service. 

How Long Does A Cleaning Take ?

The cleaning process depends on a few factors that can play a part in how fast our team can tackle your mess. The first thing we look at is how many bedrooms and bathrooms you are looking to have cleaned. The more rooms a home, apartment, condo, office, or business has the longer it will take for us to clean. There is a  minimum of 3 hours necessary to book a cleaning with us. This helps us to ensure that we have enough time to fully give our all to your space getting it back into tip-top shape. 


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