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Commercial Cleaning Services

CleaningExpert.Me has been servicing different business facilities and assisting them in keeping their work space clean and sanitized for over 30 years. Commercial cleaning is different from residential cleaning in how frequent the space should be cleaned. When conducting a commercial cleaning our crew keeps in mind that the safety of your employees and patrons health are on our hands so we make sure to leave no surface or space uncleaned. Commercial cleaning services are catered to offices, gyms, churches, retail stores, restaurants, and hotels or apartment buildings. Each space depending on the type of business you conduct will have a different set of needs to be focused on while cleaning. Check out how we would tackle each space below.


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Businesses We Clean

Office Cleaning Service: Office cleaning can range depending on the type of business. We offer office cleaning to dentist offices, doctors offices, car rental offices, bank offices, real estate offices and more. When the experts come to clean your office here is what you can expect from the service:

  • Office kitchen Cleaning: Dusting light fixtures, on top of the refrigerator and any ledges or corners. Wiping and disinfecting all surfaces and handles including the light switch, faucets, door handles, fridge and cabinets handles. Ensuring that we remove any build of food or trash around the area. Shining down any appliances, while removing all trash and replacing reciprocals with a new bag and fresh paper towels. Then sweeping/ vacuuming and mopping if needed.


  • Work Space Cleaning: Dusting and wiping down all surfaces, ledges, and fans that may be in the area. Disinfecting all keyboards, phones, door handles, furniture. Sweeping / vacuuming and mopping the floors to give it a shine with a pleasant smell. Removing all trash and replacing them with a clean bag.


  • Office Bathroom Cleaning: The most used area that holds the most germs is the bathrooms, Disinfecting and wiping down all surfaces, counter tops, faucets, toilet seats and handles. Shining down bathroom mirrors and any tile that may be on the walls. Refilling toilet tissue rolls, sweeping and mopping down the floors.


  •  Office conference room cleaning: Dusting and wiping down all surfaces, phones, chairs, and ledges. Disinfecting door handles, light switches, keyboards and monitors. Vacuuming or sweeping the area and mopping if needed.


  •  Common area cleaning: Wiping and shining of all doors, windows, glasses, door handles, and hard surfaces. Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping the floors. Dumping trash, and refilling reciprocals, and leaving your business feeling clean, and smelling good.

Church Cleaning

We offer cleaning assistance to any house of worship that needs help to maintain their space. Here is what to expect from a church cleaning:

  • Disinfecting all door handles, phones, faucets, and furniture
  •  Dusting of corners, ledges, ceiling fans, and windows
  •  Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping of the floors
  •  Disposing of all trash and replacing them with new bags
  •  Kitchen and Bathroom cleaning, as well as any personal office spaces

Gym Cleaning 

When cleaning a gym or workout facility, we have to remember how many times the area gets used and the amount of sweat and bacteria that can be transferred if not cleaned properly. Our team is focused on disinfecting each space of the gym from top to bottom making sure not to spread any dirt, or germs around in the process. Here is what is included in a gym cleaning:

  • Wiping and disinfecting of all equipment, mats, weights
  • Cleaning all door handles, phones, and hard surfaces
  •  Dusting and removing and cobwebs or dust build up
  •  Sweeping and mop the floors
  •  Cleaning the showers and bathroom area, disinfecting all toilets and shared areas.
  • Dumping all trash and replacing it with new bags, while replacing toilet tissue and paper towels that may be needed.


Doctor & Dentist Office Cleaning 

When it comes to the doctors facilities we want to take extra care of your space because of the amount of sick or germ carrying individuals it may encounter on a daily basis. Here is what to expect from our services:

  •  Waiting room cleaning: Dusting and disinfecting all furniture, hard surfaces, door knob. Vacuuming or sweeping the floors and mopping necessary areas. dusting windows, corners, and ledges removing all cobwebs and build up.
  •  Exam room cleaning: Disinfecting every inch of this room is our mission. Wiping down all surfaces, handles, furniture, and equipment. Dusting and removing all dirt or build up, and then sweeping and mopping the floors.
  •  Break Room Cleaning: Tackling the break room like we would the kitchen of a home we ensure each inch of the kitchen and appliances are fully sanitized and ready for use by your team of employees.

No matter what type of facility you are calling from our team at the CleaningExpert.Me can bring any space back to life leaving you feeling positive and secure with how well our services are.


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